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3 Steps to Successful Post-Lockdown Team Reintegration

A successful veterinary practice can only be found through a team of enthusiastic and engaged employees. The success of your business starts with your employees, their happiness, their success and their motivation. 

After a period of furlough or working from home, you now have a unique opportunity to unite your people more than ever before. This is your chance to course-correct, or reinforce your practice culture. Right now, your employees need understanding more than ever. They need your attention, dedicated communication and direction. 

In this eBook, I am going to share my top 3 tips on successfully reintegrating your team post-lockdown.

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1. Uncover Values

Find and understand your employees hot buttons and uncover the key to their motivation. 

2. Get clear on your goals

Align the business plan with your values, and gain clarity on your vision of the future. 

3. Connect and Plan as a Team

Connect your employees to your renewed vision, and plan for the future. 

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